Toronto indie pop band Flatrock combines the dreamy, introspective tone of bands like London GrammarPatrick Watson, and Timber Timbre with the triumphant pop aesthetic of SiaSt. Vincent, and Florence + the Machine. With deep-rooted grooves, shimmering textures, and soaring vocals, Flatrock’s indie pop anthems hold the imagination and stay with the audience long after listening.

Melissa Murphy's powerful voice flows over top of the stable groove of the rhythm section - backed by drummer James Law and bassist Dave Haskett - and the music is bound together by guitarist Dan Rougeau's lush accompaniment. Danceable grooves meet glistening chords and hard-hitting basslines to create the group's remarkable sound. Flatrock's music takes the listener on a journey packed with heartache, self doubt, and the ineffable internal struggle that burdens us all.

After having completed several successful tours of Canada’s east coast, Flatrock is set to release their highly anticipated debut album The Hill in Summer 2016, accompanied by a cross-country release tour. Recorded in Toronto with Andrew Mullin (Union Duke, The O’Pears) at Canterbury Studios, and produced by New York’s Franky Rousseau (Austin Peralta, Arthur Hnatek), the album will be a glowing presence in the Canadian music scene.



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