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The Painted Lady – January 14th/2015 – TORONTO
Le Cagibi w/ Maerin Hunting – August 22nd/2015 – MONTREAL
The Daily Grind w/ Joey McNitt & Treasure Dub – August 24th/2015 – OTTAWA
The Ship Pub w/ London Above & Quote the Raven – August 29th/2015 – ST. JOHN’S
Babas Lounge w/ Nick Doneff – August 31st/2015 – CHARLETTOWN
Taco Pica w/ The Tooth and the Fang – September 1st/2015 – SAINT JOHN
The Mansion w/ Anna Sudac & Rae Corcoran – September 4th/2015 – KINGSTON
Private Event – September 6th/2015 – LAC-SIMON
The Painted Lady w/M’Grasker & Redsteps – September 10th/2015 – TORONTO
Gallery in the Attic – September 11th/2015 – PETERBOROUGH
Homegrown – September 13th/2015 – HAMILTON
Rancho Relaxo – April 18th/2015 – TORONTO
The Piston – February 19th/2015 – TORONTO
Handlebar – December 16th/2014 – TORONTO
C’est What – November 22nd/2014 – TORONTO
Gordy’s Brewhouse – November 10th/2014 – LONDON
The Daily Grind – November 8th/2014 – OTTAWA
Chez Boris – November 7th/2014 – MONTREAL
The Painted Lady – November 5th/2014 – TORONTO
The Holy Oak – August 28th/2014 – TORONTO
The Central – June 24th/2014 – TORONTO
C’est What – May 31st/2014 – TORONTO

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